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We warmly celebrate our company's passing ISO9001 quality management system certification


We warmly celebrate our company's passing ISO9001 quality management system certification

To further standardize the production, scientific research, sales operation process, effective control of risks, improve investment returns, the formation of standardized management, standardization management mode, our company in July 2017 to carry out the import ISO9001 quality management system, and successfully passed the China quality certification center of ISO9001 quality management system certification and audit, on August 28, 2017, obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification.

In early August, the on-site inspection and acceptance expert group for quality management system certification organized by nanjing certification and evaluation center conducted a comprehensive review and inspection of our company's quality management. After two days of intensive work, the expert group did not find any serious defects in the field inspection and acceptance. The overall evaluation was completely in line with the requirements of quality management system certification, and passed the site inspection and acceptance successfully. In the process of examination and acceptance, the panel based on the principle of just, fair, with serious and responsible attitude, contrast the relevant provisions of the state, mainly for the company's quality management system, personnel, health, material storage and distribution, production management, verification and confirmation, deviation and change the processing, production technology, product delivery and recall, file system, etc, to examine the detailed evaluation item by item. Experts through the debrief questions, and see the scene, the collective, comprehensive data access, a variety of forms such as individual spot check, a comprehensive grasp the actual situation of each inspection project, will never let go of any a tiny link, thus it is concluded that the evaluation of objective, authentic, accurate, nanjing far shu pharmaceutical technology co., LTD. With a sound quality management system, standardization of quality management procedures through on-site inspection acceptance.

The company's iso9001:2015 certification passed smoothly, fully demonstrating the spirit of solidarity and courage of the company's employees. It is the result of the joint efforts of all employees of the company!



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