Far Shu advantage product recommendation: modified bisphenol A epoxy resin

Release time: 2022/03/18

Product NameModified bisphenol A epoxy resin
Main ingredients:BPA-PO

Structural formula:

Product Advantages: It can improve the flexibility of the products in the epoxy bonding system, is compatible with the general aromatic liquid epoxy resin and can be mixed in any proportion to adjust the curing performance and physical properties of the product, including relaxation pressure, flexibility and reaction rate.

Product useIt can be made into anti-seismic materials, photosensitive materials, adhesive materials, etc., and can be mixed with modified asphalt in various proportions, combined with other coating auxiliary components, and formed by the role of curing agent for various purposes of curing coatings. It adheres closely to wood, cement, aggregates, glass, ceramics and metals. Excellent curing dimensional stability, water resistance, salt water resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, rust resistance, corrosion resistance; long time without cracking.

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